Haircare You Can Trust

At FILLUP, we seek out the cleanest, most sustainably-sourced brands. We hold them accountable to the highest possible level - without compromise. You can FILLUP with confidence, knowing that the hair products you buy here do not harm to The Earth or Earthlings! 

Our Founder

Louise Donegan worked as a fashion model for over 20 years. She had no say in the lotions and potions they used on her hair and skin during fashion shoots. Lou started to suffer from chemical fragrance sensitivity, leading her to seek a new way to stay healthy and radiant. She sought out organic, clean, green products in thoughtful packaging.

Lou founded Sunset Plaza Salon in 2019, hair salon in West Hollywood. 

She also works with All Earthlings, an organization pushing for legislative change in the beauty industry.

Our Standards

The beauty industry is relatively unregulated. It is up to each individual brand to self-police. 

We work with professionals to cherry-pick the finest in green (and blue!) hair care. We vet the products we sell so you can have confidence.